Homestay Families

The Homestay is a great cultural exchange between the Local Host (Homestay) Family and the Visiting International Student, who lives with the homestay family while studying in Australia.

  • We are looking for families that have a genuine interest in other cultures and nationalities, and also like to welcome the students into their homes as a ‘new’ member of their family.
  • We have international students from all over the world that come to various institutions on the Gold Coast. They could attend TAFE, University, High School, or be part of a Tour Group that visits our theme parks. If you think that you can provide these visitors with an authentic Australian family experience, we would love to hear from you.
  • Families that host students receive a payment which varies according to the package the student requires. The package could involve different numbers of meals, transportation, or multiple students staying. Our families are always provided with full details regarding the student, the time period for their stay and all transportation, dietary requirements etc prior to committing to an acceptance. Families have the option to accept the student or not.
  • We offer a 24-hour, 7-days a week Emergency Support Service, for the students and host families. We believe that a happy family supported by us, will provide the BEST care for their student.


  • All our homestay¬†families are thoroughly and professionally screened, then re-checked regularly so that they maintain our high standards of care. Consistency is a key word for us.
  • We specialise in matching you with a good host family that will help you to settle quickly into living in Australia while you study.
  • We operate a number of home stay packages tailored to suit students and young visitors, and we are always willing to work with you in designing a unique package for your individual needs.
  • We also offer a 24-hour, 7-days a week Emergency Support Service, for the students and host families.

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