Safety Tips in Homestay


  • We recommend you have travel & medical insurance for the duration of your stay in Australia.
  • Ring 000 for Fire, Police, Ambulance.
  • By law, No buying or drinking alcohol if under age 18.
  • By law, No buying tobacco/cigarette products if under age 18.
  • Ensure you are able to swim before going into water, and only enter the water
    between the RED & YELLOW flags at the beach.
  • Do not take medicines or tablets without seeking doctors or pharmacy advice.
  • By law, you must wear bike helmets when riding a bicycle.
  • Do not open the door to strangers or unknown visitors.
  • No burning candles in bedrooms.
  • If attending places or functions where many people congregate do not leave your drink unattended. Some people may attempt to put drugs into your drink.
  • If attending nightclubs or unfamiliar places, it is safe practice to stay with your friends, rather than be by yourself.
  • We recommend all students to purchase an Australian SIM Card to ensure your host family can contact you at all times.
  • Always carry the phone numbers for your host family and ring them if you are lost or in trouble.
  • If you are lost, please call your host family or ESI Homestay 24-hour emergency mobile on 0423 374 908. If you do not have a phone, ask a shop assistant or staff in a public place to ring for you or help. Or ask for directions to a police station nearest to you.

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